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about us





We are Hanna and Nils. We founded our Studio Schön® as a long-term heart project in January 2020. Our small creative studio is located in the courtyard of a listed building complex and is a source of inspiration and, above all, the place where our collections are created.

In addition to running the online shop and selling its own design products, which you can find here, Studio Schön® is a value-based creative studio for brand development and brand management. Based in Trier, on the beautiful Moselle, we work across Europe for companies, brands, products and people in the field of strategy and design.

Our most important values in daily dealings with each other are Honesty, Appreciation, Passion & Friendship. We aspire to make the world a little more beautiful. That's why we create beautiful brands, beautiful products and beautiful moments.



We do not sell any third-party brands, but only develop and sell our own creations. Our products are conceived and designed in our studio in Trier. In production and manufacture, we rely on European and primarily German partners. It is very important to us that we also work with honest and passionate partners in the manufacture of our design objects and products. The best possible quality and careful production is very important to us. As with all things, this is always a process and we are constantly working to achieve the best possible result for you and for us.





Nils Teuber

Partners & Founders

"I'm Managing Partner and at Studio Schön® Shop I'm responsible for the management, the entire commercial area as well as sales, marketing & PR. I'm a trained merchant for marketing communication and a studied business administrator as well as a certified systemic coach & change manager. Together with my partner Hanna I develop new product ideas and can also live out my creative side here. For me, Studio Schön® is a project close to my heart and an absolute passion - finally making the world out there a little more beautiful with my own brand and my own products."


Hanna Teuber

Partner & Founder

"I am a partner at Studio Schön® Shop and responsible for the areas of product design, product development and social media marketing & PR. I studied communication design and, as a designer, concept developer and copywriter, I am responsible for everything visual with passion. In addition to my creative work, I am a trained yoga teacher . It's good for body, mind and soul. With our shop I'm fulfilling my long-awaited dream of making other people happy with my own ideas."  


In addition, the surname probably reveals that we have been a really good team for years, not only professionally but also privately. We're a real marriage-family business.



Would you like to order a larger number of our products as a business customer? Or do you have an interior or design shop in Germany and would like to sell our products? Please send us an email shop(at)studioschoen.de and we will make you an individual offer.



InIf you would like to work with Studio Schön® in the area of strategy & design and are interested in commissioning the creative studio for your company, your brand or your product, please write to the responsible managing partner Nils Teuber an email to nils(at)studioschoen.de. You can find more impressions of the work for customers in the area of brand development and brand management on the B2B website www.studioschoen.de